The 2014 Musician's Professional Toolbox

“MPT was a fabulous program. I have been in the business of music in one way or another for twenty years, and never felt for a minute that anyone truly understood the challenges of what I do and what the demands are on me day to day. The program gave me the words and the tools to better understand what it is I need to build a strong and viable business around my art, block by block, in addition to a network of colleagues I would otherwise have no connection to. 
- 2012 Participant

Registration is now open for the 2014 Musician’s Professional Toolbox (MPT)!
MPT empowers musicians of all genres with the entrepreneurial skills they need to master the business challenges of being an artist. This program takes career musicians through a series of engaging workshops that further their capacity to think and operate like creative entrepreneurs. Now in its third year, the Musician’s Professional Toolbox program includes seven innovative workshops, presented by outstanding instructors, each a renowned expert in their field. Musicians will leave the program with a business/marketing plan, improved materials, sharp insights into financial management and fundraising, tips and tools of the trade, the support of fellow musicians, and new industry contacts. 

True to the mission of the A&BC, the program seeks to build a more business savvy and economically vibrant music community through outstanding professional development. Using the model of our Artist’s Professional Toolbox—a successful professional development program for visual artists now in its tenth year—this mini MBA-style program offers in-depth and hands-on coverage of contracts, copyright, negotiation, marketing, social media, publicity, and more. Participants are encouraged to practice and explore their newly acquired development skills with musicians who share similar challenges and goals. Workshop size is limited to 30 musicians.

The Toolbox is open to all practicing musicians who are at least five years into their career.

Tuition and Fees
$275 for the series. Pay at once or over time. Credit cards accepted.


This program may sell out, so don't hesitate to sign up! You do not need to pay now--you'll be sent an invoice after you register.