The Arts & Business Council appreciates that being compliant with all the related human resource laws, policies and regulations is a daunting prospect.  It is an area in which new arts administrator and the seasoned professional alike feel exposed, and an area filled with its own list of vendors, consultants, jargon, best practices, and risk.
Over the past 25 years we've had the unique perspective and experience of running the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts program, and during that time we have received a number of HR Cases.  Many of these cases were the result of organizations that were not in compliance or had policies, regulations, or state and federal statutes that were not followed.  The consequences to both the organization and its employee were rarely positive.  
We understand the challenges of HR matters and want to help your organization maintain compliance. To meet this goal we have begun the following two part process:

  • Step one – Compliance Audit: We have teamed up with Ipswich Bay Advisors to conduct the first set of compliance audits with interested organizations.  Ipswich Bay Advisors is a full service HR and benefits consulting firm that serves as our technical advisor for this aspect of the Investing in the Creative Workforce program. 
  • Step two – Referral: Once the compliance audit is complete, a list of issues will be communicated to the organization.  We will then help you assess and prioritize this list with the goal of providing you with a lawyer from the VLA program or a HR professional from the Business Volunteer for the Arts program to assist you with these matters.

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